Tam Ridge Below Market Rate Program

General Property Information

  • Opened for first Move ins 7/15/17, 5% occupied
  • 180 Total Units, 18 BMRS Units
  • 199 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera CA 95925

General Below Market Rate (BMR) Information

  • Rent Limits
    • Very Low Rent (4, 1 bedroom units) $1187
    • Low Rent (12, 1 bedroom units) $1928
    • Moderate Rent (2, 2 bedroom units) $3490
  • Income Limits
    • Very Low Income 50% AMI ranging from $43,050 for a one person to $55,350 for three person household
    • Low Income 80% ranging from $73,750 for a one person to $$94,850 for a three person household
    • Moderate Income 120% AMI ranging from $110,640 for a one person to $170,640 for a five person household

General Lottery Procedures

  • Pulling all physical tickets today (August 4, 2017) at random
  • The list will be posted on this website roughly 2 weeks after todays date- all applicants will be notified via email that results have been posted
  • We will contact the first 30 applicants to begin processing files
  • We will go in order and unit preference is based on ranking order
  • Once units are filled, the list will then be used as waiting list for any open units in the future

General File Procedures

  • Files will be processed in lottery rank order
  • Income is based on all gross potential income including but not limited to:
    • Employment/Earned Income
    • Other income such as Social Security, Workers Compensation, gift income, etc.
  • Asset verification is also assessed including but not limited to:
    • Checking account
    • Savings accounts
    • Retirement accounts
  • Income taxes will also be used to verify household income
  • Files are processed through an internal compliance department and generally take between two and six weeks to be completed

Contact Information


Units will be monitored for compliances with applicable income requirements and are subject to other restrictions.