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Green Living

Tam Ridge is a Healthy, Green Residence

What has specifically been done at Tam Ridge to achieve LEED Certification?

Tam Ridge was envisioned as a sustainable community from the start. The location for this residential development was selected for its environmentally friendly attributes. Having already been a developed site, new green space was not impacted. Further, this location is in close proximity to a host of public transportation options (between buses and the Larkspur Ferry Terminal there are more than 60 nearby stops per day) and community amenities such as restaurants and retail are in walking distance so that residents do not have to be dependent on a vehicle. Adjacent regional bikeways as well as on-site bike storage and bike repair facilities allow for smart alternative transportation options.

Tam Ridge was built with a generous selection of sustainable materials that lessen the burden on virgin raw materials. Focused attention was paid to ensuring a healthy indoor air quality within the residences by specifying low VOC paints, adhesives and flooring products. Tam Ridge has adopted a non-smoking policy to maintain superior indoor health conditions.

Tam Ridge was designed to optimize energy performance by installing energy efficient lighting, ENERGY STAR Appliances, and efficient heating systems to achieve a 20% improvement over the California Title 24 energy code. This heightened energy performance not only reduces utility bills but it also lessens the negative environmental impacts associated with energy sourced from the grid. A qualified Home Energy Rater also provided on-site verification and performance testing of all building systems.

Efforts to conserve potable water have been incorporated by installing water efficient plumbing fixtures, drought tolerant landscaping and bio swales to control storm water run-off. This water conservation helps to preserve Marin’s precious water supply.

These and many other elements go into the LEED certification that Tam Ridge Residences so proudly supports.

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